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“I’m Comin’ Home Again, Maybe We Can Start Again.”

Tomorrow, I make the trek out to Chicago. In my mind, I’ve always rather felt homeless, or at least rootless. It never bothered me to pack my life into my car and drive off to whatever called my name, wherever that might be. I thought it was a freedom I had to be rootless. But now, a small part of me realizes that depth in relationships require roots. A part of me wonders what my life would be like if I would just stay put.

If love, in all its rough edges, is what gives birth to vibrancy in life, then it too must root itself one day.

On my last day in New Jersey, I got to participate in roots grown deeper. Congratulations, Amiee and Joe!

[Thanks also to my assistant, Danielle, for the help today. And with that, my dear bed calls.]

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