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Cirque of the Towers, WY in Panorama

Recently, I was commissioned to do a panorama of the Chicago sky line. For those of you who don’t know, panoramas are more than just wide-angle photos. Due to the nature of wide-angle lenses, there’s a lot of distortion and shrinking that happens which doesn’t actually make for great panoramas of something like a skyline. To solve that problem, you actually have to take multiple overlapping images, and then “stitch” them together afterwards. I decided to practice on some old attempts at panoramas that had previously failed. The following panorama is actually 26 separate images stitched together. Because of the format of the blog, I can’t upload it to the full size, but I’ve broken the entire image down in thirds so that you can see more of the detail.

It’s really quite amazing, both the process of making the panorama and the actual place itself. This was a secluded site we backpacked to (no roads for cars, only hiking trails). It took us a solid day of hiking through some really steep elevation and mountain passes to get into this valley, surrounded by mountains. The full panorama view is what you would see if you turned 350 degrees. Beautiful, beautiful country. There’s great things about being in the city, but man, I miss the wilderness…

(Please click panorama to enlarge.)

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