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About Me

Is it strange to describe myself and my photography in terms of music? I love folk and indie music. I like singer-songwriters. It’s earthy, it can be gritty, it isn’t over-processed, and so often, is oozing with real emotion. I wake up and edit to it. Sometimes I fall asleep to it. It is a world of outcasts and hopeless romantics who don’t have to be fake to be beautiful. The powers that be have no control over them, because their studios are in their basements, garages and barns.

And so it is with me. Music and art is what keeps us human in this world. Words and ideas feed dreams. “Faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” And that’s what I’m trying to see through a lens. Those things exist, if you only know where to look and how to see them.

I remember there were two classes in college that impacted me deeply. One was Jazz Improv. Despite my sheer ineptitude at playing Jazz, it taught me to hear the beauty in what initially seemed chaotic to my ears. Beauty in chaos. I loved it. The second class was an anthropology class called Biculturalism. Who knew that there was so much beauty outside of what our culture is used to? There is certainly more to this world than consumerism.

I studied psychology. People fascinate me. Why do we do what we do? Who are we? Photography is my anti-academia. My jazz sucks. The pinnacle of my painting career was a 6th grade portrait of Jim Carrey from a Newsweek article. Poetry only flows when things are difficult. So photography became the musician, writer, and poet I am not. In a photograph, I can sing, paint, and write.

Oh, and I believe Spiderman’s uncle. With great power comes great responsibility. And by default, we who are blessed to live in this country have great power. Work, empowerment, and dignity are important to life. Therefore, a portion of all profits goes to partnering with One Day’s Wages. It’s a call for us to give just 1 day’s worth of our wages to a non-profit or NGO working in the developing world to help alleviate global poverty. What we make in a day can change lives.

Love is in our actions.

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